Location: Kochi

Job Type: Full Time

About Us

REDSHIPEX is a B2B Indian technology company focusing on global e-commerce of Indian agricultural and food products.

The growing population and increase in economic growth worldwide, coupled with tough climate changes, have caused serious threats to meeting the rising demands for food products globally. REDSHIPEX understands the global need, and the use of conventional methods will not be efficient for the rising demands and challenges. REDSHIPEX foresees the future clearly, thereby bringing modern technology such as AI automation tools into its platform to connect farmers, traders, and other MSMEs in the agriculture sector directly to global buyers. REDSHIPEX is working to increase farmers’ income, reduce waste, provide quality products in a transparent business, and generate value for all stakeholders at a meagre cost.

Key Responsibilities:

1. Strategic Vision: Collaborate with fellow Co-Founder to define and refine the company’s vision, mission, and long-term strategic objectives. Work strongly towards strategic vision.

2. Business Development: Identify and evaluate market opportunities, develop business models, and drive initiatives to maximize growth and profitability.

3. Product/Service Innovation: Contribute to the ideation, development, and refinement of innovative products/services, ensuring alignment with market needs and customer expectations.

4. Team Building: Attract, recruit, and build a high-performing team by fostering a culture of collaboration, creativity, and excellence.

5. Financial Management: Work closely with the leadership team to develop and manage budgets, secure funding, and ensure financial sustainability.

6. Partnerships and Alliances: Cultivate strategic partnerships, alliances, and collaborations to enhance the company’s market presence and capabilities.

7. Brand Building: Play a key role in building and promoting the company’s brand, ensuring a strong and positive market reputation.

8. Risk Management: Identify and mitigate potential risks, adapting strategies to navigate challenges and uncertainties.

9. Customer Engagement: Establish and maintain strong relationships with customers, gathering feedback and insights to drive continuous improvement.

10. Adaptability: Demonstrate flexibility and adaptability in a dynamic startup environment, taking on various roles and responsibilities as needed.

Co-Founder Skills and Qualifications:

– Co-founders need to balance big-picture thinking with the day-to-day tasks that go into building a successful organization. Co-founders can come from almost any educational background, but all tend to have the following skills:

– Strategic thinking – The co-founder needs to excel at strategic thinking in order to identify product opportunities and make business decisions that ensure long-term success and growth. Highly analytical and be able to work on big data.

– Market research – it’s also vital that the co-founder can conduct market research and analyse trends and data to make well-informed business decisions

– Product development – in the early stages of a company, co-founders take an active role in product development, making both high-level and minute decisions regarding our products before they go to market

– Marketing and promotion – co-founder need to successfully promote our products before they go to market, building anticipation and creating demand through social media, advertising, and networking.

– Personnel management – as a company grows, a co-founder needs to excel at recruiting, hiring, and retaining talented and dedicated staff members who can help bring the co-founder’s vision to life

– Financial planning – co-founder need a solid grasp of financial planning and forecasting and should be able to set milestones and budgets to ensure solvency and long-term growth. Should be expert in financial data and interpretation.

Remuneration: Industry Standards plus ESOP.

Qualification & Experience: Minimum of 3 years of executive experience in a strategic & planning leadership role, preferably in a startup or scale-up environment

Experiance: 3 years of Experiance
Job Type: full time
Job Location: kochi

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