Who We Are?

Our Mission

Our mission is to generate value for farmers and agricultural MSMEs by creating a global market for Indian agricultural and farm products by leveraging technology and innovation. We are agile, bold and courageously take on the challenges to meet global standards and competitions.

Our mission is to create a global opportunity for Made in India products and services, especially Farmers & MSMEs at very low cost. We are agile, bold and courageously take on challenges the meet the global standards and competition.

Our vision

REDSHIPEX help farmers connect to the global community, market and grow businesses through best practices.


Redshipex remains a value driven company. These five core values continue to guide us and direct the growth of the organaization.


Our positive thoughts and values, which coexist with the concept of Vasudhiava Kudumbakam, lead us on the journey with the ultimate goal of serving goodness to humanity and being part of nation-building.


We work with complete integrity in our conduct and ensure our actions are always transparent and ethical, so we stand the test of time.

Indian Exporter About Us


Redshipex constantly learns customer needs and experience by offering products and services of the highest standards. At Redshipex, we strive to make the customer experience delightful and valuable.


We strongly believe trust comes with great responsibility, and we know our stakeholders rely on us with great expectations. We passionately work with the highest standards to build a long-lasting relationship and exceed our stakeholder expectations.


We listen to the ideas and innovations of people with mutual respect and build a collaborative work environment that encourages them to take calculated risks. We nurture and materialize the best ideas by investing in and rewarding them.

Our Impacts

Our focus is on making a positive impact in everything we do. As an impact-oriented company, we believe that business success is not only measured by financial gain, but also by the positive impact we have on the world. Our approach is holistic, considering the impact of our actions on the environment, society, and the economy. We work to ensure that every decision we make aligns with our mission to create a better future for all. We believe that embracing innovation and being forward-thinking can create positive change and make a real impact in the world.

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