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Our Coco products

cocopeat coir block

Cocopeat is a fibre form derived from coconut husks. The husks are processed.

cocopeat coir briquettes

Coir Briquettes are made by compressing coir pith. They are made of pure coconut

cocopeat coirdiscs

Coir discs are mostly commonly used in nurseries, as ready-made soil for plantation

cocopeat coirchips

Coco chips are popular among anthurium and orchid growers. They are also ideal for mulching a coco chips greatly increase the air porosity in soil.

curled coir ropes

Curled coir rope is made from matured brown coir fibre.

coir fiber bale

Coir fibre bales are derived from the husk of the coconut and are used to manufacturer..

Erosion control coir nets

Erosion control nets as the name says it are mainly to control soil erosion

Erosion Control Coir Log

Erosion Control Coir Nets Coconut Coir Logs are employed along waterways of flowing water to prevent ..

Erosion Control Coir Blankets

Erosion Control Coir Blankets are ideally used across in agricultural sites..

Coir Baskets

Coir hanging containers and planters are produced using coir fiber mixed

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